SITE acquisition


At Pikos we have an enviable network of commercial agents with which we partner to generate a dynamic list of potential development sites. Potential sites are identified for our clients on the basis of purpose, budget and risk.


Determining the potential yield of a development site requires a composite of planning, construction and finance knowledge combined with an acquisition strategy that allows for appropriate due diligence and settlement.


Pikos has an intricate knowledge of the different contract types, their strengths and weaknesses in addition to the advantages of utilising a company structure. In all these matters, we recommend seeking advice from your solicitor and/or accountant, or we can refer you to our nominated professional advisers.


Once feasibility is determined, the vendor or agent can be engaged and the negotiation process begins.


We are able to manage the entire site acquisition process for you from site identification, through to negotiation, appropriate contractual process and finally, settlement.


Construction Tender & Management


At Pikos we have extensive experience in both areas of construction tender and construction management having completed all facets of development types inclusive of subdivision, retail, commercial and industrial projects. Our core focus is low, medium and high rise residential projects which have a collective value over our years of operation of over 1 billion dollars.


Our tender process involves identifying appropriately resourced and experienced builders for the project and then issuing an invitation to tender. After tenders are received, further information may be required from the builder, including a statement of financial position for the senior debt provider.


Upon awarding the tender, a formal Instrument of Agreement is established which contains the Australian Standard 4902-2000 General Conditions of Contract plus a scope of works, including drawings, schedules and specifications.


Throughout the construction process, the independent building superintendent oversees the works and acts as the intermediary between the builder and the developer. Additionally, the  superintendent works with the Quantity Surveyor to coordinate progress payments to the builder.


Development Application


Every development site has its own salient issues that impact on the DA application. Aligning your development objectives with those of local planning laws and state legislation is a nuanced process and requires the collective resources of many specialist consultants, from Acoustic to Traffic, and everything in between.


The DA phase of a development carries the greatest level of risk to the final value of any site and therefore the process requires exacting management. At Pikos we have a demonstrated track record in managing the DA process for our clients.

Development Management


Governed by an agreement between the owner of the development site and Pikos, the Development Manager provides a turn key solution to clients who either don’t have the time or the expertise to oversee the management of the development process. Broadly, Development Management covers the following:


  • Provides advisory and management services during the lifecycle of the development
  • Manages the implementation of the design brief
  • Procuring the completion of the works in accordance with the feasibility study
  • Periodic and detailed reporting that includes a management software system giving the client a transparent view of all aspects of the logistical and financial management of the project


At Pikos, property is the core of what we do. We have many examples of undertaking the Development Managers role for clients with highly successful outcomes.