Whether you are a company wishing to use the strength of your balance sheet to fund new premises or you are simply in the market for a boutique property within the inner city, Pikos has a tailored solution.




Pikos has a proven track record in partnering with high net wealth individuals, larger corporate clients and statutory bodies / authorities to manage the development function of their sites within South East Queensland.


Often the form of these partnerships is concerned with an integrated turn key solution that sees the client outsourcing the development management function to Pikos.


Typically the process involves:

  • Provides advisory and management services during the lifecycle of the development
  • Manages the implementation of the design brief
  • Procuring the completion of the works in accordance with the feasibility study
  • Periodic and detailed reporting that includes a management software system giving the client a transparent view of all aspects of the logistical and financial management of the project.



Pikos has extensive experience in bringing sophisticated investors together to invest in inner city, residential developments of up to 25 apartments.


Investment requirements varying according to the size of the development, the point at which the investor enters the project (either pre – DA or post DA) and overall project timeline.